1. Engine oil and Filter changes every 3,750 miles (Important in getting the most performance and fuel economy out of your engine)

2. Tire rotations every 6,000 miles (also important to inspect the brake system while rotating the tires to check the function & life left on your brakes)

3. Wiper blades streaking? (Try using some alcohol and a clean rag to clean the rubber/ or replace them every year)

4. Engine air filter changes every 15,000 miles (Important in getting the most performance and fuel economy out of your engine as well as keeping your engine breathing properly)

5. Cabin air filter changes every 15,000 miles or sooner depending on where you live (How clean the air you breathe in your car depends on how clean the cabin air filter is)

6. Transmission flush inspect/replace every 30,000 miles (Over time all lubricants break down and should be inspected/replaced to ensure no premature wear occurs to the transmission)

7. Coolant Flush inspect/replace every 30,000 miles (In today's climate and NY winters it is important to have the proper mixture coolant/water that can handle the freezing temperatures and still keep the engine properly cooled)

8. Brake fluid flushed every 15,000 miles (Most people do not know that your brake fluid holds moisture over time and can cause internal components like brake caliper pistons and lines to corrode and leak/fail. Also moisture effects the stopping force of your brakes on a warm day causing brake pedal fade)

9. Complete fuel injection system service every 30,000 miles or as needed (Even more important in today's world where high concentrates of Ethanol are being used causing extra moisture/carbon build up in the fuel system & engine causing decreased performance and fuel economy)

10. Did you know that exceeding the towing capacity of any vehicle shortens the vehicles lifespan by 50%? (It is important to not only tow within the vehicle tow capacity but to also change the drive line fluids for the differentials/transfer case every 15,000 miles)


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